Neighbors help family rebuild burned home

By Gregory Woods

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- Tammie Rose and her family have lived in the same home for 50 years. But after an electrical fire destroyed the second floor of her home last month, Rose said she didn't know where to turn and the family didn't have homeowner's insurance.

"I don't have 10 to $20,000 just lying around in the bank," said Rose.

And neither does her 84-year-old father, who owns the house.

In their time of despair, neighbors decided to step in and lend a helping hand.

"They have been an active part in the neighborhood for years," said Marc Engelke, a neighbor who is a also a contractor and is helping the family rebuild their house. "The PTA, Neighborhood Association, bringing food to the homeless - they've been so active, so now we are trying to get volunteers and the funding together to help give back to them."

Engelke is President of Engelke Homes. His crew along with neighbors have given the family free labor and raised $5,000 to buy supplies to repair the house.

"The demolition is done, and electrician will be here tomorrow. We can be finished by the end of the month if we can keep raising money," said Engelke.

The family still needs $10,000 dollars to buy supplies to finish repairing the home. They have set up an account for those to help donate.{}

Rose said she holds out faith that Jesus will make a way.

"I know the Lord didn't bring the project this far for it not to get finished. I am just so thankful for everyone helping me," she said.

In the meantime, a neighbor has let Tammie Rose, her son and father stay in one of their rental properties, free of charge.

"If this fire has taught me anything, it has showed me, yeah I have lived here for 50 years, but life can change oh so fast," said Rose.{}

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