Neighbors oppose gun shop in Mount Pleasant's Old Village

By Bill

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Neighbors who live in Mount Pleasant's Old Village are raising concerns about plans for a gun shop there.

Opponents of the planned gun shop gathered Sunday night. They signed a petition that demands Town Council not allow the shop to open at 122 May Lane.

One business owner said she is being forced out of the neighborhood.

"They steal our signs all the time and I can't say specifically who it is. But I'm aware it's the people in the Old Village," said Jennifer Anderson, the owner of Pleasant ECigs.

Police have not confirmed if those signs were stolen.

Anderson and her husband opened the store at the corner of May Lane and Whilden Street in January.

She said they have received a less-than-pleasant reception.

"We figured we move in that, you know, we would be accepted into the community. And we're not. Along with the gun store," she said.

For now, Anderson keeps a sign mounted on top of her SUV.

"Probably better advertising that way anyway," she said.

Now, she's preparing to leave her new neighborhood in the Old Village.

"It's frustrating, for sure. Why? Because we've taken a lot of time in building, you know, our business right here," Anderson said. "And now we have to pack everything and move it down the street."

She said she hopes her new location will be a more business-friendly area.

Opponents of the gun shop said they plan to attend Tuesday night's Town Council meeting in hopes of keeping it from opening.