Neighbors react to child molestation charges

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - Neighbors in a Mount Pleasant say they are in disbelief{}about the news of their neighbor's child molestation charges.

"I'm beyond shocked. I was thinking joyful things about them having triplets," Karen Rosenlehner said.

Louis Skip ReVille, 32-years-old, was arrested on three sexual molestation charges. He worked as an assistant principal at Coastal Christian Preparatory School, a coach and church volunteer.

"I never expected the father would be charged with such things. It's just unbelievable,"{}Rosenlehner said.

Her husband, Marcus, was also shocked to hear the news about their neighbor.

"It's a fairly new neighborhood and all the people are very nice and never expected anything like that," he said. "It tells you people they look nice and you don't know what is behind that."

ReVille's family has declined to comment on the matter.





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