New American citizen celebrates the Fourth of July

By Stacy Jacobson

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Fourth of July has different meanings for everyone, but for one of this country's newest citizens, it means everything. It's a new beginning for Beatrice Frask-Ramos and her daughter Elisse.

Frask-Ramos became an American citizen last week in a naturalization ceremony at Middleton Place. The Fourth of July marked a new beginning for Frask-Ramos and her daughter.

"I feel optimistic about our future in this country," she said.

She moved from France to the U.S. 15 years ago.

"The U.S. gave me a chance to excel at what I was doing and to be receiving scholarships for that," she said. "That's the only country I know that would do that for somebody totally foreign."

Frask-Ramos said holding the American flag reminded her of the history of which she was proud to be a part.

"The Founding Fathers had the wisdom to see what was best for the people that came to America. To break free from the ties of the old continent in order to have a new identity, a very dynamic country and the freedom to excel. So I think that was what was at stake. So I'm very grateful the U.S. was founded on the principles that it has," she said.

She spent her holiday watching soccer and shopping with her daughter.

"We're going to get clothes that have American flags on them; the blue, white and red for me and my daughter. And then we're going to go see a game, the Riverdogs, and then we're going to see the fireworks," she said.

As they put on the new patriotic clothes, Beatrice's life as a citizen became something she could see -- the perfect way to show off a new beginning.