New beginnings for Summerville NAACP chapter on MLK Day

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- In Washington D.C., millions of people will watch as President Barack Obama is sworn into office for a second term. This year the inauguration falls on the same day as the observance of Martin Luther King Jr. For the new Summerville chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the holiday represents more than just a day off of work.{}{}

"Were getting closer and closer every day. We still have racism that exists, but I think in this day and time things are working better. More people are working together," said Dexcter Mack, the chapter's president.

The chapter formed just three months ago. Mack said he and his vice presidents are in the early stages of showing the Summerville community what this new chapter is about.

"We have a long way to go as far as things that we'd like to see done in the community, but some of those issues that came about in the 60's protests and boycotts and things of that nature are not really what we are about in the Summerville NAACP," said Felisa Geddis, the chapter's 1st Vice President. She said this new chapter is about solving community issues.

"We want to empower people here in Summerville, all people and really get people to work together. That was the premise of Dr. King's dream," said Geddis.

Like Dr. King, the new chapter is setting goals which will focus on community empowerment.

"We have three different goals that we have set for this year. The three goals are for employment, education and health," said Mack. {}

Mack said they will also keep with that national organization's platforms for voter's rights and community service. This weekend was the chapter's first National Day of Service, where the chapter's youth division helped clean the city.

"To only be on our third meeting and to do something that could really impact the community, we cleaned up a whole street with our youth, we helped senior citizens who could never do all that work on their own," said Geddis.