New company offering to drive you, your car home

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Officer and State Troopers will spend the night looking for drunken drivers across the Lowcountry.{}In Charleston County, patrols and checkpoints started Monday afternoon and will continue until 4 a.m. Tuesday.{}

There are several different ways to stay safe, whether it's a designated driver or taking a cab, but one new Lowcountry company is offering a different approach.{}

Will Morrison and Brad Ebenoeh are co-owners of Home-Ped, a company that will come to anyone who needs a ride home on a foldable motorbike, fold the bike, drive the caller and their car home, then use their motorbike to get back to the city.{}

To use the Home-Ped service, call 843-412-9716 or email The company also accepts reservations for events, parties and evenings out on the town

Morrison and Ebenoeh said they can cover most area in the Lowcountry, but specialize in the areas from Avondale in West Ashley to Shem Creek.