New dash cam video from chase released

By Nikki

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)On Friday evening, the Charleston County Sheriff's Office released a second dash cam video involving the high speed chase of Timothy McManus. The video is very similar to the dash cam video released on Thursday.

The new video, however, shows a different angle of the take down of McManus and a deputy appearing to punch McManus in the head before other deputies come into assist and pull him out of his truck.

On Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union issued the following statement:

"The video is disturbing. The investigation needs to thoroughly probe the appropriateness of the police actions. We question whether there could be any justification for releasing the K-9 in a situation like this"ACLU.

"If they used excessive force, they would be subject to charges themselves--no question about it," stated Robert Robbins, a former solicitor for Orangeburg, Dorchester, and Calhoun counties.

Robbins, now a criminal defense attorney, says the video appears to show just that.

"Clearly, at the point when they got him out of the vehicle and the point that's on the video, he (McManus) appears to be in a defenseless position," he stated.

However, this police report says otherwise. According to the report, a deputy attempted to subdue McManus at gunpoint but he failed to comply to verbal commands. It goes on to say that McManus turned back towards the vehicle and attempted to reach under his front seat.

"I was under the impression from the early news reports that he had fled from the officers. The flight was the reason that the dog had been brought out," stated Robbins.

According to deputies, McManus resisted arrest and it was after a K9 apprehended him that he complied with officers.

"Clearly, not only was he not fleeing, he was on the ground and he was being beaten by two or three officers there when the dog was brought over, and I really don't understand the reasoning for that," stated Robbins.

SLED is now investigating the case--as well as Sheriff Al Cannon who admitted to slapping McManus after he was handcuffed and placed in a deputy's car.

"Yes, he did probably endanger some lives on the road," stated Robbins. "That's really not the issue. The issue is what is the proper response when you take somebody into custody?"

Attorney David Aylor has confirmed that he is representing at least one of the deputies involved in the dash cam video.

When Cannon was asked if he will face any disciplinary action for his actions in the chase, he responded that was "out of his hands" and it "remains to be seen."