New details in school bus mix-up; CCSD responds

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Natasha Olson says she waited an hour for her son to arrive to his bus stop on the first day of school. When he didn't show up, Olson says she went into panic mode.

"Terrified. Completely terrified," said Olson, as she relived Wednesday's incident.

Olson says North Charleston Elementary gave her two different locations for where her 5-year-old son, Ethan would be dropped off - at the corner of Oakwood/Crenshaw and Oakwood/Buist.

"So, I waited like, on Oakwood in the middle where I could see Crenshaw and I could see Buist. And, I didn't see the bus at either bus stop," Olson said. "So, I waited. I waited for an hour for the bus."

Olson says the bus never came, so she called and later went to the school to try to figure out what happened.

"They came back and said that they don't know what was going on because the bus driver wasn't answering the walkie talkie," Olsen said.

Thankfully, Ethan was found safe wandering McMillian Avenue. Come to find out, Ethan had gotten off the school bus at the last stop with a classmate. Another parent found him and called North Charleston Police.

"My mama thought I was gone. Some one took me and stolen me. My mama worried where I was," said 5-year old Ethan.

Jason A. Sakran with the Charleston County School District, responded to the incident with this statement:

"CCSD takes the safety and security of our students very seriously. On the first day of school, we transported over 20,000 students safely home to their parents and guardians. On Wednesday afternoon, a North Charleston Elementary School student accidentally got off the wrong bus stop. We are grateful and relieved the student was immediately located and safely transported home. There are policies and practices in place that attempt to reduce these types of unfortunate incidents. All elementary school students should have name tags attached to their book bags with the bus number and bus stop clearly labeled. As always, we will continue to refine our processes in order to ensure maximum student safety."