New development could be in the works for CofC students


By Valencia

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Each year College of Charleston upperclassmen are faced with the same question. Where to live?

Last year, the school enrolled nearly 12,000 students, and 3,290 of those students lived on campus.

"It can get pretty crowded, because you know a lot of people want to stay close to campus. They don't want to have to venture outside of the peninsula and have to drive to campus due to parking issues too," said Benjamin Hogges, a senior at College of Charleston.

In past years, there has been talk of overcrowding in on-campus housing.

"Last year, I believe they had to squeeze three people into two person rooms or suites. Which I can imagine caused issues, you know, three people sharing one bathroom," Hogges said.

While Hogges looks for a solution, there could soon be an alternative near campus for upperclassmen.

An independent company is looking to build an 8-story 400-bed apartment building on George Street behind the Sottille Theater.

The project is not funded by the college, but will replace a surface parking lot.

The proposed plan will go before the Board of Architectural Review Wednesday afternoon.