New fire department under construction

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The city of Charleston broke ground on a new fire department Friday morning.

The city's newest fire station, Station 9, is located at the corner of King and Heriot streets and it will be the largest station for the city.

The new two-story station will be home to hazmat team, fire trucks and administration offices.

"The primary thing about this building is that it actually is going to be the only building we have, the only fire station we have on the peninsula that is actually going to be able to withstand a disaster," Brack said. "So in case of a hurricane, earthquake, this is going to be the building designed to withstand that."

Station 9 will also allow the department to centralize their response in the event of a disaster because it can accommodate several fire companies.

Chief Brack hopes the new station will be finished in a year.