Chief Brack on new fire station, Charleston 9 anniversary


By Stefanie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Work on a new home base for the Charleston Fire Department is well underway. The walls are up and the workers are out in full force - the future face of the fire department is starting to take shape one brick at a time.

"It feels like it just came out of the ground, City of Charleston Fire Chief Karen Brack said on the progress of the future fire department headquarters.

The new building, located at the intersection of King and Heriot streets, consists of a two-story Leed Silver certified building.

"It's 100 percent emergency power, it's operational during Category 3 hurricanes, and it can withstand earthquake seismic events," said City of Charleston Director of Capital Projects, Donald Brown.

The fire station will house three HAZMAT vehicles and two fire trucks as well as the administrative offices for the fire department.

"It's been a remarkable transition of this corner and what it brings to the city. The service that we are going to be delivering to this community is phenomenal," Chief Brack said. "This building is the future. This is where we are headed."

Looking forward but not forgetting the past, as next week marks the sixth anniversary of the Charleston 9 tragedy where nine City of Charleston firefighters lost their lives in the Sofa Super Store fire on June 18, 2007.

"I can't express this time of year, you feel it in the firefighters you feel it in the organization, is sadness," Chief Brack said. "The anniversary is always a time of reflection and we definitely will be doing that but mixed with that is also sort of the bittersweet joy with this facility."

A facility that is coincidently named Fire Station Number 9.

"That is a little odd it really is," Chief Brack said.

The expected completion date for the new building is set for early November 2013.

Be sure to watch ABC News 4 on Tuesday, June 18 for the TV premiere of "Charleston 9:The Ultimate Sacrifice" -- a documentary by the National Fallen Firefighters Association on the rebuilding of the City of Charleston Fire Department after the Sofa Super Store fire.

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