New lawsuit filed in Citadel, Arpaio allegations

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Bell Law Firm in Georgetown has confirmed it is representing a new camper in a sexual abuse case against Michael Arpaio.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday in Charleston County. It alleges Arpaio committed physical and sexual abuse in there separate incidents.

The suit seeks unspecified damages for personal injuries and psychological damage.

Representatives with Bell Law Firm say the former camper chose to come forward one month ago, before the ReVille allegations surfaced.

Arpaio pleaded guilty to indecent assault, conduct unbecoming of an officer and providing alcohol to a minor in 2003 following a 2001 investigation.

In the case, a male camper came forward and said Arpaio fondled him while Arpaio was a volunteer counselor at The Citadel's summer camp.


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