New medical facility coming to Summerville

By Gregory Woods

SUMMERVILLE, S. C. (WCIV) -- Dozens of Palmetto Primary Care physicians gathered Monday to capture a moment in time - the unveiling of plans for a new Palmetto Health and Wellness campus in Summerville.

"We are going to have all the primary offices, all the specialty care offices will be here, and there will be an outpatient surgery center and a clinical decision unit," said Suzann Weathers, a doctor for the future medical center.

The first phase of the two year project is estimated to cost $135 million and is expected to create more than 1,500 jobs.

Jeff Lehrich, CEO of Palmetto Primary Care Physicians, sees the new medical facility as a one-stop shop.

"Whether they need primary care, or they need to see a neurosurgeon, or they need to see an orthopedic surgeon, they'll be able to get all their care here, their tests here and their treatment here instead of having to drive all over the area to get it," said Lehrich.

The center goes one step further in connecting with its patients.

Lerich said they will have the first gigabyte electronic system in the state.

"Someone that lives two to three hours away will be able to go to one of our clinics and be able to get a specialty consult via this high-speed fiber optic network versus having to drive all the way in to see a doctor," he said.

For those that are able to make it to the medical center, Weathers said they will experience a new kind of health care.

"You're going to be able to come here and see everybody that you need on your health care team. We are going to have all the information with the click of a button with the new system that they have here," said Weathers.

Construction is expected to begin in the next three months.{}

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