New pavilion for one Hollywood neighborhood

By Sonya

HOLLYWOOD, S.C. ( WCIV) -- There is now a new building in Stono Ferry Plantation for residents to enjoy. It's been in the works for years and will be around for many years to come thanks to an intricate method of building that goes back to the Stone Age.

It was a day of hard work but all worthwhile as these workers piece together a new pavilion for this Hollywood neighborhood.

"It faces what everybody knows as the Charleston Cup, the Steeplechase, but here just behind it is the whole pool complex for the Stono Ferry Plantation homeowners," said John Paul Huguley, founder of Building Art, LLC.

The homeowners are thrilled to have a building that can be used for events year round, but it needed to fit in.

"There was a need to have a building that would kind of mirror the look and feel of those old pavilions that are up there in Virginia and other horse tracks and yet it also needed to look Lowcountry and look like something that would fit in with our neighborhood," said Jill Crocker, president of Stono Ferry Board of Directors.

And that is where traditional timber framing comes in.

"This is a traditional timber frame. It has its mortars and tendon joints; it's all pegged together. It is actually a cypress from here in South Carolina," said Huguley. "This art of building was not only a tradition and technique. We are not just doing it for just the historic value of passing it down, we are doing it because it works -- it lasts."

Moyer Fountain is the owner of Fountain TimberWorks and a graduate of the American College of the Building Arts, where he learned the art of timber framing.

"I like timber framing because it's structural and it's also an aesthetic," said Fountain. "It's exposed and the strength is well-documented through history. There are still buildings in England that were built 400 years ago in this style and there is actually some in Boston from the 18th century.

So it looks like this pavilion will be around for a couple hundred years.

The Charleston Cup is on Nov. 10 on the horse track. Roughly 16,000 to 20,000 people are expected to attend and will be able to enjoy the new timber frame building.

*Editor's note: The video above names Mr. Huguley as a member of the American College of Building Arts. That is incorrect. He is the founder and president of Building Art, LLC.