New restrictions, lost child protocol at Coastal Carolina Fair

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Book bags, backpacks, bags and coolers will be banned from the Coastal Carolina Fair this year, said officials with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. Deputies working security positions at the fair will enforce this new ban, officials said.Officials said there will not be any storage available at the gates and people who bring the items to the fair will have to put them back in their cars.In addition, there will be a new lost child protocol. Parents will be asked to take a photo of their child on their cell phone or tablet before they enter the fair so if the child gets lost, officers will know what the child looks like and what he or she was wearing that day, officials said.

Officials said there will be several stations near the entrance gates where children can have their photos taken with a height chart.This protocol is in addition to the child identification tags and wristbands already made available by the Exchange Gate at the fair entry gates.

The fair runs Oct. 31- Nov. 10.

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