CCSD unveils advanced studies center at Wando

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - A new 130,000-square-foot science and arts facility will open this year at the state's biggest high school. It's designed to help prepare students for jobs that are in demand.

The Center for Advanced Studies sits on a 5.2-acre site right in front of Wando High School.

"A number of AP courses will be offered here. Also there will be upper level engineering, biomedical science, health science information technology, cyber security and courses like that," said principal Lucy Beckham.

For those who might not excel in math and science, the center has a fully equipped media center and offers classes in cosmetology, nursing and auto mechanics.

Beckham says about 600 students - mostly juniors and seniors - will be taking classes in the facility.

"This is about graduating every child with a viable plan of what to do next and to give them the experience and skills. So the girl or boy that wants to be a cosmetologist can go through this program, graduate, pass the state exam and go to work," said Beckham.

Beckham says in a digital era, the facility keeps the school relevant.

"They don't learn like students did when I was in school where we sat very compliantly and listened to the teacher who went on and on and on and take notes. That world is gone," Beckham said.

Beckham says this generation is all about hands on experience, and the Center for Advanced Studies will offer just that.