New warden in to Leadership change at Lieber Correctional

McFadden tours the facility with a group of visitors Friday. (Source: Scott Garrand/WCIV)

by Stacy

RIDGEVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- One of the state's highest-security prisons that houses South Carolina's death row held a celebration Friday.

Life inside the prison fence has a rhythm. Employees got to break that rhythm Friday to cheer on one of their own.

Joseph McFadden has acted as warden of Lieber Correctional Institution since October, but he officially took over as head during a transitional ceremony Friday. McFadden said he was proud to serve inmates and employees.

"I do have a passion for it. Every day I come to work and it's like there's no end because I don't get tired or want to go home. I want to make a difference," McFadden said.

He already started making a difference by creating programs like the character dorm for inmates and offering professional development for staff once a month.

"He's proven himself at all levels. He's a very dependable individual, he's a family person and he's the kind of person you would want running a prison like this for you here in this state," said Robert Ward, deputy director of operations for the state Department of Corrections.

Becoming warden was always one of McFadden's goals, he said. But, it was something he only used to joke about.

"When I'd answer the phone I'd say 'Warden McFadden,' just teasing. I didn't know it was going to happen this quick," he said.

McFadden said he looked forward to continuing programs to improve employee morale and to help inmates with rehabilitation.

McFadden is a military veteran and has worked for the S.C. Department of Corrections since 1994.

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