Nick Collins, Jr. home from the hospital; still fighting

      MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - When 26-year-old Nick Collins woke from his coma, he had trouble wrapping his head around the news doctors gave him.

      "I was told beforehand that it was going to be a challenge with rehab," Collins said.

      Last August, Collins was thrown from his friend's car and run over by an 18-wheeler. Collins went through a handful of surgeries and had his left leg amputated.

      Since then, Collins has tackled rehab to help regain strength.

      "I made a couple personal goals as well as the ones they had for me," Collins said. "It was really just making transportation a little easier, getting from the seat to the wheelchair, wheelchair to the shower."

      For three hours a day, seven days a week, Collins{}did physical therapy. Collins{}says he would go on field trips to restaurants in an effort to teach himself how to maneuver in public with one leg.

      "I was just so sore. I mean, I was sore in muscles I forgot I had," he said.

      In December, Collins{}set a goal to be home by his birthday, Feb. 9. Nick beat his goal by two-and-a-half weeks.

      "I always did believe that everything happens for a reason," he said. "Whatever is shining down on you that you think is bad right now, something good is on the other side."

      Throughout his journey, Collins{}says the community hasn't left his side.

      When he arrived home there was a "Welcome Home" banner flying on his porch and neighbors waiting to greet him in the yard.

      Collins{}says the positive energy has motivated his perseverance and his faith in God.

      "I've been in a Catholic school Kindergarten through 12th grade and this is probably the strongest my faith has ever been in my whole life," he said.

      Collins says doctors are building him a prosthetic leg and he will get wound care and therapy at home.