Nick Collins Jr. performs again after tragic accident

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCIV) -- When Nick Collins Jr. began fighting for his life last August, he didn't imagine how it would pay off in the end.

"Everything as been really, really good," said the 27-year old Collins. "I've been recovering quicker than any of the doctors and therapist have expected. I'm in not much pain anymore at all."

Last year, Nick was thrown from his friend's car in an accident on I-526.{} He{} was run over by a tractor trailer. He had to have his left leg amputated and a host of other surgeries. Since then, Nick has tackled the road to{} recovery with persistence, and says music helped him along the way.

"It was so therapeutic for me to sit in my room and forget about everything," said Collins. "Some of the worst days - I'd say a couple prayers, grab my guitar and just close my eyes and two hours will go by."

Two weeks ago, Nick took his musical therapy to the stage for the first time since the accident.

"It was my first gig in nine months and I haven't had more than three days off in eight years," said Collins. "So, I was pretty nervous about it. But, as soon as I got up there, I mean as soon as I started playing, it reminded me how much I missed it."

Wednesday night, Collins did a solo performance at Coleman Public House with his friends and family there to support him.

"Its not the greatest situation but the things that have come out of it, there's nothing to complain about there," he said.Collins says his recovery isn't over. He says he has two more surgeries to undergo and doctors say it could be a year before he walks again.