Nicole Seitz New Book

Charleston, S.C.- Author Nicole Seitz may not have lived in the early 1900's, but she is writing about it from her imagination and pictures that she has seen of her late grandmother.{}

Her latest novel entitled, The Inheritance of Beauty, is a journey of hardship and coming to terms with aging, while at the same time having a silver lining.{} Seitz says no matter what your age, everyone can identify with the issues the characters in this book are dealing with.{} If not directly, you can appreciate their struggles and somewhat put yourself in their shoes.

Seitz is celebrating the release of her 5th work with a book signing this weekend at Blue Bicycle Books down on King Street.{} So if you would like your chance to meet the author and get your copy of the book signed that will be coming out tomorrow, head on down to Blue Bicycle Books this weekend.