Nikki Haley Responds To Groups Attack

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley is responding to a group of republicans who are questioning her past.

Charleston County Republican party chairwoman Cyndi Mosteller announced a new activist group yesterday called Conservatives For Truth In Politics.

The group says they have major concerns about Haley and want her to come clean on issues.

They are questioning her tax history, alleged affairs and her employment at the Lexington Medical Center.

Today Haley's campaign spokesman Rob Godfrey released a statement in response to the group's agenda.

"Nikki is grateful for the overwhelming support she received in the Republican primary, and the even more overwhelming support she enjoys from Republicans, Independents and Democrats today.{} Everyone is entitled to their own political agenda and their own free speech, and you just heard some of that today. You can tell Election Day is drawing close when these types of bogus claims come back out of the gutter."