No charges in former CofC professor's sex assault case

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The College of Charleston music professor who was being investigated for possible sexual assaults on students will not face charges, school officials said Friday.

The school said it did not have enough evidence to make the case against Enrique Graf.

"The College of Charleston Department of Public Safety has completed its criminal investigation into certain allegations of sexual assault involving former faculty member Enrique Graf. After a thorough and comprehensive investigation of a criminal complaint received during March 2013, which included consultation with the State Law Enforcement Division and the Office of the Solicitor, the Department of Public Safety has determined that there is not sufficient evidence to support an arrest or criminal charges," a statement from the school read.

The school's Department of Public Safety said the investigation had been closed, but would reopen it if new evidence surfaces.

The investigation dates back to complaints from 1994.

In the investigative documents, two victims are named -- a current student and a former student from Maryland.

The current student alleges that Graf made repeated unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, unwanted physical contact and verbally sexually abused him. The student goes on to claim the behavior started shortly after he entered College of Charleston as a freshman and has continued since then.

Graf denied the allegations, saying neither student appeared afraid or uncomfortable around him. Graf also said any touching he did of students was to correct their posture, the documents state.

Graf speculated that the allegations could have been invented to extort money from him, according to the investigation.

The school also talked to several of Graf's former students at the College and at Carnegie Mellon -- none of whom said they had any problems with Graf.

Members of the College's faculty and staff did not report any problems with Graf, either directed toward them or towards others in their presence, the report states. The same follows for members of the Charleston Academy of Music, where Graf has worked for more than 20 years, and people who live in the same building as Graf.