No health insurance? Local urgent care center offers options

By Tessa

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV)- Families without health insurance are oftentimes forced to forego visits to a doctor. Out-of-pocket expenses associated with healthcare is the biggest deterrent.

South Carolina-based MedCare wants to change the way patients without coverage receive treatment.

The urgent care center has produced medical menu-style options based on what the patient is being seen for.

The three-tiered program ranges in price from $125 to $250. The categories{}are separated into "simple," "complex" and "procedures."

"We spent a long time putting together something that was affordable, transparent both for the consumer, for our staff and the providers. It still allows everybody to operate at a high-level of clinical care and make it simple for everyone," says MedCare's CEO/co-founder, Dr. Radwan Hallaba.

There are those in the private sector of medicine who aren't 100 percent sold on the idea. In fact, they point out that the idea is not all that new.

"There are physicians in the private sector that are already doing this," according to Dr. Thaddeus J. Bell.{}"I think it may very well have it's place but, is it going to replace and going to help what's going on right now. It's questionable in my mind."

Bell goes on to say that families or individuals without health insurance can always use federally funded clinics.

Urgent care centers still remain a very popular choice when choosing between the ER or having to wait for an appointment with a primary doctor.

Centers like Medcare see between 71 and 160 million patient visits each year.

Medcare operates three urgent care centers in the state- West Ashley, North Charleston and Columbia.



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