North Charleston City Council to consider amendment change

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) - North Charleston City Council is taking another look at the Ingleside project, a development plan that would change the northern end of the city.

"What we have is a 1,500-acre site in a very important part of our city, a very attractive piece of property," said Council member Ron Brinson.

Brinson said before the land will be developed, the owner of the property wants the council to amend an existing ordinance for Planned Development Districts.

"Changing the ordinance for a PDD to allow for more administrative control over the projects," said Brinson.

Administrative control means the city's director of zoning would be able to grant changes to zoned areas as the Ingleside project also changes. Brinson said he and other council members are concerned that expanded administrative control would mean limited public comment.

"The biggest concerns for our residents are the traffic issues and density issues," said Jim Strohm.

Jim Strohm, the neighborhood president of Colony North, located off Ashley Phosphate and Northside Drive, said traffic is already bad, but the proposed development would bring more cars on Northside.

"There are going to be a lot more residential homes in there according to what they presented today. There is a proposal for a slip ramp on Otranto Road, but if that does not get funded, a good portion will come down Northside Drive," said Stohm.

He said a traffic study is needed before the project goes forward.

Another presentation on the project will go in front of the council next year.