North Charleston council agrees on sale of property to Trump

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{}A little more than a year after buying the old Naval hospital, the City of North Charleston has approved a plan to sell the property to one of the biggest names in development.

A spokesperson for the city said Donald Trump Jr. and Doug Durban are the investors for the project, and were represented at Tuesday evening's meeting.{}

The deal would call for $3 million to be paid up front and another $2 million to be paid by Sept. 30.{}

The multi-million-dollar development deal would mean another big step forward in revitalizing the southern end of the city.{}

The City of North Charleston won a $2-million bid last October for the old Naval hospital that sits on nearly 23 acres of land just off Rivers Avenue. {}In 2012, the city agreed to sell 40 acres of land to Chicora Garden Holdings LLC for $9 million, a deal that originally included a piece of land known as Shipwatch Square.{}

The deal approved Tuesday night allows city council to sell the former Naval hospital and Shipwatch Square separately. It also paved the way for a $1-million{}grocery store incentive plan to attract a major grocer to the area.{}

That money would beused to cover any losses the grocery store incurs in its first three years,provided they show proper documentation of any loss in their yearly audit.{}

"We see it as a win for us because quite honestly therewere only two people bidding on the hospital at the end of the day, and thatwas these people and us and they're coming back in. We never wanted to developit but we wanted to have a voice in the development and we believe we'veaccomplished what we want to do," said{}North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey.

Summey called bringing a grocery store to the area a priority, adding that the deal would make that easier.{}

Summey hopes the development of the area would mean an increase of office buildings, banks, and restaurants.{}

The developers will have the option to purchase ShipwatchSquare in the Fall for 4 million.


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