North Charleston Fire Department houses 3 new trucks

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The City of North Charleston added three brand new trucks to its fire fleet Friday. The addition is made up of two engines and one aerial tower. {}

"By adding these trucks we continue our vehicle replacement plan," said Chief Greg Bulanow. "They help us continue to provide excellent fire protection to the city of North Charleston."{}One of the engines and the aerial tower will be stationed at the city's lower Dorchester station. The other engine's new home will be the Reynolds Avenue station. {}After the trucks were delivered, fire crews took part in a traditional housing ceremony where the trucks were sprayed with water, pushed into the garage, and then blessed.{}Chief Bulanow says one of the engines and the tower will also help serve the Boeing fire station. They have been fittingly named Dreamlifter and Dreamliner.{}