North Charleston GOP debate may have handed Gingrich the Palmetto State

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- College of Charleston Political Analyst Kendra Stewart stopped by ABC News 4 studios on Saturday and predicted who she thought would walk away with the South Carolina nomination.Just two days prior, one candidate was already slated to walk away with the Palmetto State's vote but the debate held at the North Charleston Coliseum on Thursday was a game changer."It's been an exciting week," said Stewart. "This time last week we were talking about Romney being the chosen candidate and just coming into South Carolina and sealing the deal and it didn't turn out quite like that at all."She also said that Evangelical Christians, which the majority of voters in South Carolina are, would be attracted to Santorum as a candidate. Another candidate, however, sucked the power and energy from Santorum's campaign.That candidate?{} Newt Gingrich.When asked if she expected Gingrich to win tonight, Stewart said, without delay, "Yes."At the 7pm hour when polls closed, the major news outlets agreed. ABC, NBC, FOX, and CNN all projected Newt Gingrich to walk away with the win in South Carolina.Follow the results as they come in here.