North Charleston to bid $2 million for Old Navy Hospital

By Valencia

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - For years, the old Navy hospital has sat empty.

Now, the city of North Charleston is hoping to buy it from the federal government in order to have control over what goes on the property.

"We think that this is a central location, with it and the shopping center, that we can help that area completely see a turn in the next 15 years," said North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey.

The 24-acre property sits on the corner of Rivers and McMillan avenues and includes a nearly 400,000-thousand-square-foot building that stands 10{}stories high.

Thursday, the North Charleston Town Council approved a $2 million bid to submit to the General Services Administration, the federal agency that has owned and operated the building since the Navy occupied it.

Summey hopes buying the property will help turn the neighborhood around.

"When the naval base hospital closed we had Hardee's close, we had two other little restaurants there close," said Summey. "You also saw a deterioration of some of the value of some of the properties. Activity is what it takes to have retail and food and beverage operations that are operational."

The building is across the street from the old Shipyard shopping center which the town also bought.

Summey says the town has no intention of redeveloping the land on its own -- but, will re-sell instead.

Friday, Summey says he will make a formal bid of $2 million.

Thursday, the town's first bid of $1.95 million was denied.