North Charleston woman on shootings: 'Enough is enough'

(Source: Brian Heins/WCIV)

By Stacy

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Christmas lights still shine on one of three of the houses where police said tragedy struck New Year's Day.

"We are investigating the entire situation to see what happened, when it happened, who may be responsible for it," said Spencer Pryor, the public information officer for the North Charleston Police Department.

Police said they don't know whether the shootings on Aintree Avenue, Niagara Street and{} Ventura Drive are connected.

"We will continue the investigation to see how it unfolds. If they are related or if they are not related, we will know that once the investigation is completed," Pryor said.

Two women were killed in two of the shootings. The coroner's office identified the Niagara Street victim as 52-year-old Janet Royal of North Charleston and 49-year-old Debra Randall Martin as the Ventura Street shooting victim.

Neighbors said they understand the police have a lot on their plates.

"They got their hands full- the police officers. This needs to stop because it's not that type of neighborhood," said Paul Murphy, who lives near Aintree Avenue.

A church about one block away from the shooting on Niagara Street had many children going in and out for basketball practice Thursday night.

One mother said she feared for the safety of all the children in the neighborhood.

"We're looking for any information they have. If someone saw anything, heard anything, regardless of how small they think it is, if they would give us a call. That little small bit of information could be the key to unlocking exactly what happened, when it happened and who's responsible for when it happened," Pryor said.

The message resonated with Thomasina Hartwell, who said she moved to the North Charleston neighborhood near Niagara Street when she bought her house 20 years ago.

Hartwell said she raised seven kids there and said the violence will continue unless someone contacted police.

"Let the officers know what's going on because an innocent mother was killed. That's somebody's mother. Enough is enough. And then when they want to come back, they want to retaliate. But nobody knows what's going on? Somebody knows," Hartwell said.

Police said the acts are not targeted at women.

They said if people are uncomfortable they should call police but added North Charleston is still a safe place.

"There is no indication that this is an act that is being targeted at women. We're continuing the investigation to figure out who were the intended victims, what were the circumstances around and hopefully making an arrest," Pryor said.

If you have any information, you're asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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