Note: If you wear a mask near an ATM, someone WILL call the cops

Joshua Thomas Austin (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston police charged a Myrtle Beach man with a rarely-used offense and now he faces 30 days in jail.

In April, police report a concerned citizen called them after noticing 27-year-old Joshua Thomas Austin{}hanging around the TD Bank ATM on East Bay and Chapel streets wearing a black mask, black toboggan hat and dark sunglasses.

According to the police report, Austin told officers he had Psoriasis "that affects his entire body and that too much sunlight was not good for his skin."

That didn't explain, however, why he was also wearing shorts and was bare-footed, according to the report.

Austin was placed under arrest for violating City Code 21-111, Masked or disguised persons.

You can view the code here: City Municipal Code, Offences Against Public Peace

Austin failed to appear in court, so a bench warrant was put out for his arrest. That warrant was finally served on Tuesday and now Austin faces 30 days in jail.

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