NTSB: No definite cause in 2013 fatal McClellanville crash

WASHINGTON (WCIV) - After nearly a year of research into a plane crash that killed a pilot and flight instructor in McClellanville, the federal agency investigating the crash said it could find no definitive cause for the crash.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, nothing stood out in the crew's credentials, problems with the engine, or with weather at the time of the crash.

However, one of the tools that might have helped investigators determine what happened, the ground proximity warning system, was invalid and not recording accurate data.

A teardown of the engines showed they had been rotating and operational at the time of impact. Maintenance records showed the craft was up to date on inspections.

Investigators even had toxicology tests done on the pilot and instructor, which also yielded no hints on what may have caused the crash.

Radar data showed that the plane made 360-degree turns to the right and left and then moved away on a northeasterly path before banking hard to the right and across Highway 17. Recordings of the flight picked up a person screaming in the seconds before the crash.

Patrick Eudy, 44, and Robert Ulrich, 69, died in the crash.