Nursing home employee arrested for abusing elderly man

The victim's lawyer previews the video that shows the abuse (Lia Sestric/WCIV)

By Lia

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - A nursing home employee was arrested after a 101-year-old resident said the man poured detergent into his eyes and sexually assaulted him.

Police on Monday charged 44-year-old Deasmond Kimbrough for abuse of a vulnerable adult in connection to the incident at Mount Pleasant Manor on Dec. 6.

According to police, the victim's granddaughter hired a private investigator after a series of complaints by her grandfather. The investigator installed a hidden camera in the victim's room.

The video shows Kimbrough hitting, taunting and kissing the man, according to the victim's attorney and police.

Matthew Yelverton is representing the victim. He said the video shows the elderly man trying to defend himself from Kimbrough, using objects like razors on a night stand and throwing water at him.

He also said the granddaughter has an audio recording of her grandfather stating he was sexually abused.

"The audio recording that I heard was of a very coherent and attuned man who was having a very difficult conversation with his granddaughter in which he was asking for help and at the same time describing horrific acts," he said.

Mount Pleasant Manor officials said they are cooperating with the investigation as well as conducting an internal investigation.

The victim is still at the nursing home, but is being monitored under strict supervision.

State officials are currently working with his family member to find him a new long-term care facility.

Kimbrough's bond was set at $100,000.