Courts: NCPD officer blew twice legal BAC in police cruiser DUI

Scene from DUI incident. Home owner says wreck "sounded like a bomb."

by Stacy

JEDBURG, S.C. (WCIV) -- The S.C. Highway Patrol arrested an off-duty police officer for DUI and open container charges early Monday morning. A judge released her{}on a personal recognizance bond soon after the incident.

According to the Highway Patrol, 29-year-old Christina Mask crashed a fully-marked North Charleston Police Department cruiser into a driveway culvert on McMakin Road in Jedburg.

A spokesperson for the S.C. Highway Patrol said Mask was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. She was not hurt.

"There was damage to front end of the vehicle. The driver was not transported. There were no injuries reported," Senior Trooper Bridget Wyant said.

A judge at the Dorchester County bond court said Mask was released on a{}personal recognizance{}bond totaling $2,267 because she had no prior record and did not injure anyone in the incident.

According to court records, Mask's blood alcohol level was .17 percent: more than{}twice the legal limit in South Carolina.

"The Highway Patrol treats it just like any other driver that would be charged with DUI. Then the consequences are the same," Wyant said.

Some comments on our ABCNews4 Facebook{}page disagreed.

"Yet another reason why when officers are off duty they should not be allowed to take their patrol cars home," wrote Jonathan Bowers.

But, Tiera Schulz said her neighbors were police officers and it improved safety.

"They park them at the ends of their driveways and there is a marked change in people's driving habits and a distinct lack of crime in those neighborhoods," she wrote.

Officials with the North Charleston Police Department said Officer Mask was placed on administrative leave without pay. She has been employed with the department since 2009, they said.