Prison to remain on lockdown after overnight riot, officials say

RIDGELAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Prison officials in Jasper County say all is quiet now after an overnight uprising in one of the cell blocks.{}

Officials said an incident late Monday night triggered a riot in Wing A of the Beaufort dorm. According to officials,{}someone threw a package over the outer fence, according to Newsom. An inmate tried to get to the contraband via the inner fence when prison guards intervened. Officials say that inmate was caught and brought back to the dorm.

Officials said other inmates were acting out and, because there were only two guard on duty for the whole dorm,{}the officers decided to exit that particular wing.{}

Officials say that's when a scuffle began, leaving one officer with minor injuries. Officers, according to Newsom.

More than 100 inmates were out of their cells overnight, but after using negotiators and tear gas, the inmates had calmed down by 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, officials said.

Officials say there was no threat to the general public because the building had been secured. The entire building remains on lockdown, meaning inmates are confined to their cells at all hours.{}

The lockdown will remain in place in Beaufort dorm until officials complete their investigation, they said. The lockdown for the rest of the prison will likely be lifted on Wednesday.

One inmate was also injured in the fracas and taken to a nearby hospital, officials said.{}

There is no information yet on who sent the package that sparked the uprising and officials have not released the name of the inmate who went for the package.

Ridgeland Correctional Institution is located in Jasper County. The facility opened in 1995 and is a level two security facility that only houses male inmates.