Officials: Few leads surrounding wild dogs on James Island

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) --- James Island neighbors say a pack of wild dogs are roaming the streets near Fort Lamar and attacking their pets.

Officials with Charleston County Animal Control says there's not much they can do until the victims provide more information.

Barbara Hughes and her husband own one dog and three cats. She says early one April morning three stray dogs attacked her outdoor cat, Gracie.

"Your heart leaps to your throat," said Hughes as she remembered hearing her cat squeal for help. "You're concerned just trying to get them to drop the cat, rescue the cat."

About 4 a.m. on April 21, Hughes says she and her husband heard dogs break through a baby gate on their front porch.

"He jumped up, grabbed a flash light and went down the stairs. The dogs had a very distinct sound," said Hughes.

Thankfully, Hughes' cat Gracie survived the attack. Hughes later found out, her neighbors had a similar experience.

"They came in our yard and they were growling and barking at us," said Joanne Richardson, who lives a few doors down from the Hughes on Battalion Drive. "No collars, no anything on them. No IDs."

After hearing from her neighbors, Hughes decided to reach out to Charleston County's Animal Control.

"I must have called eight times," said Hughes. "I would be such a bad neighbor if somebody got hurt and I knew this was happening and didn't say anything. So, I tried to get as specific as I could."

But Animal Control Sgt. David Willis said the reports just didn't match up, leaving his department with conflicting information.

"We've had everything from a description of a German Shepard to a couple of mutts. So, there's no real concrete description," said Willis.

Willis says he needs more neighbors to call in and help his department collect data on the animals.

"That gives us a chance to locate them," Willis said. "We have no designated area that we are looking at, and you can't just randomly put a trap out somewhere."

Anyone with a description of the dogs or knowledge of where they can be found should call Charleston County Animal Control at 743-7200.