Officials: Folly pier in 'good condition'

Folly pier (WCIV)

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- You may remember several events had to be canceled at the Folly pier last year, because{}officials worried its pilings were not stable following Hurricane Irene.

The day after Irene swept past the beach, one of the interior pilings on the pier appeared deteriorated.

Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission officials say divers inspected all 277 pilings in February. As a result of the inspection, it was determined the 17-year-old pier is still in good condition with only normal wear and tear.

Eighteen damaged pilings are expected to be patched up this fall to help extend the life of the popular pier.

The pier opened in 1995, and ever since, it has been an overwhelming favorite for fishermen. News of it being damaged was not taken lightly.