Officials bust meth lab at Summerville motel

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Officers were dispatched to the Economy Inn on a complaint of a stolen cell phone. What they found was a meth lab.

Captain John Rogers with the Summerville Police Department said when officers got to room 115 where the phone was supposed to be, they were overwhelmed with the odor.

"It was an active working lab," Rogers said. "It was a small lab, but still an active lab."

Officers were dispatched to the hotel on Holiday Drive at 9:30 a.m. Hours later they were still there, working to clear the scene and clean all hazardous materials from the motel room.

With the help of the Summerville Fire-Department, hazardous chemicals were disposed by officials clad in suits similar to those worn by the astronauts on the first Apollo mission.

Rogers said the fumes are toxic and extremely dangerous.

"The biggest thing is the odors that come off the chemicals. It's got a very strong urine odor, very pungent. The odor itself can be very dangerous. The gases, you can see the folks are suited up for a reason. It's very dangerous.

Officials say two people have been charged with manufacturing meth. Those two people are said to be Kimberly Cox and Jeremy Hopson of Summerville. Officials say both are in their 30s.

Hopson has since been given a $60,470 bond on the charges of making and distributing meth and giving false information to police. Cox's bond was set at $30,000 on 2 charges of making and distributing meth.

Tamara Bunt was staying at the Economy Inn Saturday. She said she was woke up by a "boom boom boom" at her door. No explosions, she said -- only police.

As a strange coincidence would have it, she said she previously lived at Pine Harbour Apartments -- the complex in Goose Creek where a meth lab was discovered after a fire that killed three people.

"This is hitting too close to home, too close," she said. " Nowhere is safe. Nowhere is safe, Summerville is not known for this."

Bunt said she is mostly concerned about children that live or may be staying at the motel.{}

"It's got to stop. There are babies that live here. It's got to stop. ...It's crazy, you know. We just moved from a place that we thought was safe. We never thought Pine Harbour in Goose Creek, and now it's here. You ain't safe nowhere," she said.

* ABC News 4 Stefanie Bainum contributed to this report