Detention center officer fired after child porn found on computer

Matthew William Davis

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Charleston County Detention Center officer was fired after child porn was found on his computer, officials said.

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Charleston County Assistant Sheriff Mitch Lucas said former officer Matthew William Davis was removed from duty after the charges were filed.

Davis has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor. Dorchester County deputies are investigating the matter, officials said.

Officials also said they were investigating a case of illegal drugs and cell phones being smuggled into the Charleston County Detention Center. The drugs included heroin, cocaine, and marijuana, according to officials.

"We have ended up with five people already charged and a sixth on the run that we are looking for," said Lucas.

According to Lucas, three inmates and two women outside the jail face a total of 83 charges.

Officials identified the people involved as Antonio McNeil, Kadrin Singleton, Tyra Buie, Britany Wilder, and Timothy Patrick. Deputies are still looking for Brandon Williams.

All are facing between 7 and 20 counts of furnishing contraband and distributing drugs.

"They took a saline bottle and took it a part and hid these drugs inside and then put it back in the original packaging," said Lucas. "When it would come up, medical would take it and we didn't do a good enough job of examining the one with the cell phones in it."

The two women were reportedly girlfriends of the inmates and spoke to them by cellphone. There were no detention center employees involved in the smuggling ring, officials said.

"A very sharp detention officer in the x-ray say that something wasn't quite right. So, she took it apart and found that there were things in it that were not saline. And, we started an investigation from then," said Lucas.

Officials said the inmates face a 10-year sentence per charge.

"We have no intention of making any deals with these folks," Lucas said. "We have no intention of taking any deals with anyone who attempts to smuggle contraband in the jail, whether its drugs or anything else. Like I said, we feel like this strikes at the core of public safety in Charleston County and we are just not going to allow and when we do have the opportunity to prosecute on this, we're going to do it with great vigilance."

Officials said this may be the first organized contraband smuggling effort of its kind at the detention center.

In bond court Thursday, Singleton's bond was set at $130,000; Patrick's was set at $52,500; and McNeil's was set at $70,000.?