Old Navy hospital ready for remodeling

(Scott Garrand/WCIV)

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- It's the highest view North Charleston has to offer, the 10th floor of the old Navy Hospital.

A floor with empty surgery wings, which North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey wants to make operational once more.

"This is the tallest building in North Charleston and I just thought it would be a shame with what we are trying to do across the street, to see this building imploded and taken down," said Summey.

The city of North Charleston will close on the hospital in the next 20 days. The entire 22.8 acres of property sold for $2 million. This is the first time the public has seen the inside since it closed.

"I think it takes somebody with a lot of foresight to see the potential of the building, what this could really be," says Summey.

The building has remained idle for the past two years, with only a small security staff inside. Several floors have nothing but old signs, old pictures and the bare bones of a working electric and ventilation system.

"It was important for the Navy to make sure that we had a skeleton crew that was here full time maintaining the properties. So that in an instance like this, when the facility was sold, it was in great condition," said Jeff Kelly, public affairs officer with the Navy Health Clinic.

As for what's next, Summey says, there is no next step. Interested developers will have to come forward.

"We are already trying to engage conversation, and that was one of the purposes of the walkthrough for people to see what we've got," said Summey.

Summey says the eventual plan could involve building a corridor of shops around the hospital to bring business back to that part of town. Summey says the city was given an estimate of $1 million to tear the building down. He says it is cost-effective to remodel.


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