Gov. Haley: 'They know that good is on my side'

Gov. Nikki Haley

By Dean

Columbia, SC (WCIV) -- The clock is ticking on another session at the statehouse. Lawmakers will burn the midnight oil on last minute legislation.

It's all the while Governor Nikki Haley deals with an investigation that has resurfaced after she was cleared of all charges back in May. But, it's something she and those investigating her say will not stand in the way of progress. There is unfinished work left in Columbia, which{}includes passing a budget.

"I think we've had a pretty productive year. We've written a conservative budget. We've got full funding for the Port of Charleston and we've funded the lottery so our kids can go to college," said Rep. Chip Limehouse.

Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell is dealing not only with the end of the session, but also a House Ethics investigation into Governor Haley.

"My concern from the first time I heard about this was that a thorough investigation needs to be done and then the facts need to be dealt with. Whatever those facts are. Nothing more, nothing less," Harrell said..

Speaker Harrell's request of the committee to thoroughly investigate after a decision was made to reopen the case{}doesn't sit{}well with the governor. She believes the speaker crossed a line.

"For him to get involved is unprecedented. For him to choose to have his staff ask for things the committee didn't ask for is unprecedented. For them to open this up to the public before it was to come up is unprecedented," Governor Haley said.

"I'm the Speaker of the House and for me to have conversation with members of the ethics committee to find out basically how they're working through this is entirely appropriate," responded Harrell.

The controversy comes six weeks after the House Ethics Committee cleared the Governor of any wrong doing after allegations surfaced that she used her position as a House member to steer money to two companies that she worked with from 2005 to 2010.

"We'll continue to give them everything they want. They want my birth certificate and drivers license, they got it. But, there is nothing wrong. I am confident that this is fine. They know that good is on my side, that I've done nothing wrong," the governor said.

A public hearing will be held within 30 days and there's even talk that the attorney general could get involved.

House members and even the Speaker of the House say it is a distraction, but they agree it will not get in their way of finishing the 2012 session.

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