One year later, happy couple recounts Valentine's Day stroke

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - For many, Valentine's Day isall about flowers and candy for your special sweetheart, but for one Lowcountrycouple, it's an anniversary of survival they'll never forget.

In the Folk home, even a cup of water is served with a fewextra words. Will and Holly Folk are magnets of sorts, their love is a journeyof smiles that stretch from Disney to the Statue of Liberty.

"We're just a true case of opposites attract, I guess," saidHolly Folk.

He calls her his better two-thirds.

Many might call them the picture-perfect couple withhappiness beaming from every pose. Marriage was just around the corner, butfirst came Valentine's Day 2013.

"Feb. 14, 2013, started off like any other day for me. And Iwent to work - then I woke up in the ICU at MUSC," she said.

Doctors said the 28-year-old woman had suffered a stroke andan aneurysm.

"That's not something you're prepared to deal with in yourmid-to-late-20s," Will Folk said. "I just kind of fell apart, to be honest withyou. You just kind of collapse on the floor and just let it all out."

For 17 long days, Will Folk hovered over the love of hislife.

"There was just nowhere else I kind of really needed to be.There's nowhere else I wanted to be, nothing else I needed to do," he said.

After months of treatment and therapy at MUSC, their maritalfund had become a medical fund.

"We said, 'We don't need a big wedding. It's not a big deal,we're just going to try and move on," Holly Folk said.

With a little unexpected help, they were able to do that. PrincessCruises offered to host her wedding aboard the cruise line's upcoming Cruisewith Heart.

The American Heart Association and Princess Cruises hadoffered the Folks the wedding of their dreams. She got the dress of her choice,and in a flash Holly Folk was camera-ready.

"If we can get through this, the rest of life should be apiece of cake," Will Folk said.

Now the pictures pick up where Cupid left off, and Holly andWill can get back to normalcy.

"I'm still here. I'm alive so I can finish the plan now,"she said.

Now in sickness and in health is a vow these two will holdonto and cherish with a kiss.

Holly Folk says a kidney disease that runs in her familylikely contributed to her stroke.

The couple had their cruise ship ceremony on Tuesday. Theyreturn to the Lowcountry on Saturday. ABC News 4 will share pictures of theirwedding as soon as they arrive.

The American Heart Association was able to help the Folksthanks to volunteers and donors who help raise money all year.

Next Saturday, the organization will host its annual HeartBall as a thank you and to celebrate success stories like Will and Holly's. Theball is being held at the Charleston Marriott at 6 p.m. For tickets, clickhere.

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