Online petition launched asking for Sheriff's dismissal

Sheriff Al Cannon (WCIV File)

By Natalie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A car chase caught on camera may have the Charleston's sheriff in the hot seat. An online petition now calls for his resignation.

On Tuesday afternoon the petition had 91 signatures, asking for the resignation of Sheriff Al Cannon. The action comes a week after a high-speed chase involving the sheriff.

According to an incident report, Sheriff Cannon attempted to pull over a man driving a pickup truck. The report states the driver had almost hit the sheriff's unmarked vehicle. It also says the driver did not pull over. Deputies joined the sheriff on a chase through Mt. Pleasant to Steed Creek Road.

Dash camera video released late last week revealed some deputies reached speeds up to 133 miles per hour during the chase. The pursuit ended when deputies shot the tires of the driver's vehicle.

The driver of the truck, Timothy McManus, was detained by deputies and arrested. Sheriff Cannon later admitted to slapping McManus while he was handcuffed.

The sheriff claimed during a press conference last week he was angry at the risk McManus had put the public in during his high-speed chase. Cannon says he submitted a statement to SLED, which is now investigating, because shots were fired during the incident.

The results of the SLED investigation have yet to be released, but that hasn't stopped some in the community from expressing outrage after watching the dash camera video released by the sheriff's office.

Lance Sudano was so upset he launched an online petition. Sudano claims Sheriff Cannon has been dishonest and lied concerning the methods and events which he said led to the suspect's apprehension.

"He told us he resisted arrest. What I saw in the video, I saw a man with hands over his head being punched repeatedly by a police officer, being subdued and then the following action with the canine," Sudano said. "From what I saw, the canine was let loose and bit on the man's arm and was then picked up and led away."

He also says he disapproves of the sheriff's slapping McManus.

Sudano says he does not condone McManus' actions, but believes the sheriff should be held to a higher standard.

According to Charleston County's board of elections, Sheriff Cannon is up for re-election later this year.

The sheriff did not want to comment on the petition. Public information officer Major Jim Brady says the matter is under SLED investigation.



About the petition

Signing the petition sends a letter addressed to Al Cannon with the following statement: "Sheriff Al Cannon is not fit to lead the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. He has displayed an irrevocable character breach. He has been dishonest to his constituents. He lied concerning the methods and events which he said led to suspects apprehension. He endangered the public to chase a suspect who's biggest crime, before he fled, was driving with a suspended license. Are our families lives worth the apprehension of a suspect who cut off the Sheriff in traffic? The Sheriff should be relieved of duties immediately."Once you sign the petition, you are able to state why you signed.