Online school provides path to success

(Dave MacQueen/WCIV)

By Jon

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Challenges are mounting in our school systems.

Bullying, peer pressure, distractions, learning disabilities. Those are just some of the reasons students can fall behind their peers.

But there are several alternative options that can put an underachieving child back on track.

One of those is Provost Academy, a tuition-free online high school.

Many online high schools are popping up, and students are logging on and learning.

Tesha Byrne, community outreach coordinator for Provost Academy, said there are many reasons students opt for online education. They see students that have been bullied and they see students that simply are distracted at traditional schools.

Katherine Ranew is an 11th-grader who attended a traditional middle school and began work at a traditional high school.

"It was hard," she said. "There were a lot of people and it was just really hard to focus, and my grades were not good at all."

Katherine suffers from attention-deficit disorder and found the traditional classroom did not fit her needs.

Provost allows students to log in and follow a curriculum. Students can ask questions of their teachers and use online study sessions.