Operation Flip-Flops needs help with shipping expenses

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Since mid-June, three to five packages each week pile up inside Brenda Frye's house.

"Within 24 hours it went viral. People from Virginia were calling me. People from California were calling me. We've gotten them from all over the country so far," said Frye.{}

Inside each box is anywhere from five to 50 pairs of flip-flops, all for Operation Flip-Flop which gives shoes to wounded soldiers recovering in hospitals overseas. Frye said she started the program after talking with her daughter Georgina Floyd, who serves in the Air Force as a medical technician.

"There it's like, it's a huge deal, and nobody really thinks about doing that. People think about clothes and hygiene products. Nobody thinks about what you put on your feet," said Floyd.{}

Floyd is on leave for the Holidays and said at her base the recovering soldiers are surprised flip-flops are waiting for them.

"They're like 'Old Navy shoes?' It really surprises you. Then they will joke with the guys next to them and say 'Hey, do you want to trade?', they make a joke out of it and it lightens the mood," Floyd said.

Frye said their operation is not over yet.{}

"We have another 8,000 to 10,000 pairs here that we are waiting to ship for funds," said Frye.

Frye said they have a storage facility full of donations, but they don't have the money required to ship all of the shoes out.

"They will get there faster if they ship them. We have a new address for Camp Bastion there in Afghanistan and they just opened up a new facility and they are in desperate need for flip-flops," said Frye.

Frye said it costs the same amount to ship the shoes to her house as it does to ship to the bases in Afghanistan. Operation Flip-Flops is also in need of more military hospitals to provide shoes to, and if you have addresses please contact Frye on the O.F.F Facebook page.

If you would like to send Flip-Flops to recovering soldiers please address them to:


Operation Flip-Flips

C/O Kayle Potts


FPO, AE 09372