Operation Move Out picks up nearly 40 tons of trash

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Operation Move Out is a joint effort between the City of Charleston and College of Charleston to get rid of thousands of college students' trash off the streets as they move out of their off-campus apartments.

On Friday, sanitation workers and code enforcement officers took to the streets for the second day of a three-day operation.

"If we didn't come around, you would have probably 36 to 40 tons of extra garbage and trash on the streets sitting there over the weekend," said Dan Riccio, the director of livability for the city.

Riccio says it's not just the trash left from people moving out, but also the ones moving in.

"On July 31 you're talking approximately 7,000 units in the downtown area that are moving out, and 7,000 more that will be moving in August 1," said Riccio.

To get the job done quickly, Riccio says several crews concentrate on three main neighborhoods.

"Cannon Elliotborough, Radcliffeborough, and Charleston Village are the areas with the most part-time residents," said Riccio.

Riccio says a lot of what they pick up is trash, but when they find furniture they can salvage they donate it to Goodwill.

"Normally we save between four to five households' rooms that can be completed with the items that are collected and salvaged," said Riccio.

It's a dirty job cleaning up everyone's trash but Riccio says somebody has to do it, to keep the streets of downtown Charleston clean.