Students move in at CofC, The Citadel in hectic weekend

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Lots of clothes, lamps and big plastic bins are slowly making their way up the stairs to new homes -- a dorm room on the College of Charleston's campus.

"It's been stressful but not too bad. Everybody is cooperative. They are really working with us trying to get everything together," said freshman Leah Jenkins.

Jenkins plans to study accounting, but right now she's relying on the help of her younger sister to get her moved in.

"It's been hard; it's a lot of work. We were up this morning and last night we had to get it all into the car. It's a lot," said Lisette Jenkins.{}

Parents across town at The Citadel are also waiting to catch a glimpse and wave goodbye to their knobs.

"You worry a little, but you know that they chose this, so you stand behind them and say, 'Wow, I cant imagine what he'll be like in the next four years,'" said Deborah Batzer, of James Island.

John and Brenda Whiteneck of Newburgh, Ind., tried to capture every moment of their son's transition to military life on their iPhones.{}

{}"He's going to be a long way from home. So, exciting for him to be going but it's tough, tough on mom and dad," said Whiteneck.

As goodbyes are said, students begin to look forward to the next task.{}

{}"I'm mainly looking forward to trying to find my classes," said Jenkins.{}

The class of 2017 will begin their classes on Tuesday at the College of Charleston.