Overcrowding could lead to some changes for students in Mt. Pleasant

(Chris Hauff/WCIV)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Overcrowding in schools could lead to changes for some students in Mount Pleasant.

The Moultrie Constituent District 2 School Board is considering redrawing school attendance lines.

Parents had an opportunity Thursday night to view two proposals that could determine where their children attend school.

Some parents are concerned about the possibility their children could be forced to switch schools.

"I'm just concerned about the new lines and about uprooting my child," said Cindy Eley. "He's already at Laurel Hill, and I want him to stay there and go to all three schools over at the same campus because he's already acclimated to it."

Board Chairwoman Marty Belk said the new attendance lines are being considered to alleviate overcrowding. Also, she said, redrawing lines would enable all schools to offer comparable curricula.

"We tried our best not to splitneighborhoods.{} We tried our best to have one feeder school for theelementary," said Belk.

If approved, the new lines would go into effect for the 2013-2014 school year.

Matt Cropper is with an Ohio company assisting with the new lines.{} Cropper says the only school that won't be impacted by the rezoning is Sullvan's Island Elementary.

"Almost every building is affected in thisrezoning," said Cropper. "The middle school configuration forthe Plan A map has a bit of a different feeder.{} It has Whitesides, MountPleasant, and J.B. Edwards feeding into Moultrie."

Belk made it clear that no plans have been finalized.{} The public will be able to offer imput through November 8.{} School leaders hope to have the maps finished by the end of the first semester.