North Charleston gun shop owner releases surveillance video burglary

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Scott Warthan owns a gun shop, and it's been burglarized twice in three years even though he's changed names and locations. The most recent robbery was caught on surveillance video and he's hoping someone will recognize the thieves.

Warthan owns Gun Slingers Trading Post. On Thursday night the business was burglarized.

"Three guys with their face covered broke through the front window with a big rock," said Warthan.

The entire ordeal was caught on surveillance cameras.

"They smashed through the front glass cases, stole a shotgun and a few pistols," said Warthan.

Surveillance shows the three men were in and out within minutes. Warthan says they stole five guns that are valued around $2,000.

"For three little thugs to do something like this, it puts a hurting on a pocket that already was not too well," said Warthan.

Thursday night wasn't the first time the business had been robbed. Three years ago a few thieves broke into the gun shop at another location in North Charleston.

"They rammed a car though the front window of that place and took what they wanted," said Warthan.

Warthan says he doesn't believe his business is being targeted; he says being robbed can happen to anyone especially when you have a gun shop.

"Stores that sell guns or jewelry are always at high risk," said Warthan. "There is nothing we can do. We just keep increasing security and keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't happen again," he said.

Warthan says they've already replaced the front window with stronger glass and upgraded the store's alarm system.

Warthan says so far one of the guns has already been recovered, but still no suspects have surfaced.