Owner of daycare center accused of abuse to turn herself in

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) Police have confirmed that a woman accused of abusing a child at her daycare center is expected to turn herself in on Wednesday.

According to incident reports, on Oct. 8, 2012, police interviewed a mother who claimed her child told her he was beaten while at the Just For Kids Daycare Facility on St. James Avenue.

The mother told police she was giving her 6-year-old son a bath the evening of{} Oct. 1 when she asked him to "put his arms up and turn around." She said he asked her "Just like Ms. Colette?"

The mother said she asked him what he meant and he answered, "when she beat me."

When she asked why he was beaten he said the other kids had told him to get onto a blue bus but Ms. Colette had gotten angry that he didn't get on to her bus, which was the red one.

The mother continued to ask the boy what happened and he told her that Ms. Colette had hit him with his own belt in the bathroom of the daycare.

The mother told police she called Colette Crawford to ask her about the incident and that Crawford's response was to claim the boy was making up the story. The mother said Crawford also explained how she disciplines children in her care by having them "open their hands and she pops them three times."

The mother also said Crawford admitted to disciplining another child, one that she considers to be like her own son "that way" and that the victim may have been "confused about what he seen her do to" that child.

The mother told police she had called the Department of Social Services who told her to call the police. She also said DSS told her that "Just for Kids was exempt from DSS investigations because it operates four hours or less."

The officer who took the mother's statement referred the case to the Criminal Investigations Division. Four months later an arrest warrant was issued and police{}said Crawford is expected to turn herself in on Wednesday.