Parent: A bus strike would be 'life-altering'

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - News of a possible bus strike has parents worried about alternative solutions.

"It's going to be life-altering because my son takes the bus all the way to North Charleston in the morning and we live in Mount Pleasant," said Catherine Hollister, who has two children who go to school in Mount Pleasant and one who attends school in North Charleston.

Tom Worrall shares Hollister's concerns. He and his wife have a daughter how takes the bus to Wando High while the couple works in downtown Charleston.

"Having to drive the opposite direction of where we live, all the way out to Wando and then getting into traffic there, it would make it impossible to make it to work on time," said Worrall.

At a meeting Wednesday, state school board members voted to allow Durham School Services to use substitute, out-of-state bus drivers if the company can't come to terms with the Union.

"The biggest thing I think of is people from out of state aren't going to know the roads and be familiar with the different traffic signals and different things you would have to deal with," said Worrall.

Officials say a strike will likely happen in Dorchester District 2, Charleston and Beaufort school districts.

Wednesday, Dr. Nancy McGinley with the Charleston County School District sent parents a letter asking that they consider alternative solutions.

"I would definitely have to make some phone calls and emails, maybe charter a bus. Not sure about that," said Hollister.

Worrall says looking for alternatives may work for some families, but others will suffer.

"With the economy the way it is today, a lot of families have just one car now and who ever the primary breadwinner is for the family, they have to take the car," he said.

McGinley said no matter what happens, Charleston County schools will stay open.

McGinley also said negotiations between CCSD and Durham have stopped in order to provide room for communication between DD2 and Beaufort school districts. {}